I’m a freelance Cyber security specialist and Web-developer, and this is what I do:

  • Cyber Security assessments and penetration testing
  • PHP Development, experienced in both front- and back-end work.
  • Drupal specialist!
  • Java development, mostly back-end.

I have about a decade worth of experience as a developer, both in teams and in solo projects. I am very security minded, which has led me into the field of penetration testing and ethical hacking, currently mostly certified through Cybrary.it.

Since Drupal is largely defined by the modules on which it is built, I can list a number of the bigger modules that I have experience in using:

  • Views
  • Panels
  • Context
  • Ctools
  • Feeds
  • Many, many more..

For Java, I have some recent experience in:

  • J2EE Enterprise Java
  • CDI/Weld
  • JBoss/WildFly
  • JaxRS/JaxWS

Do contact me, I will gladly advice you on the best options for your project.